All-O-Matic – SW-300 DC Swing Gate Operator

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    With all the features and capabilities of the SW-300AC, the SW-300DC offers an even greater unrivaled performance thanks to its industry first brushless DC motor technology (no maintenance, high torque, and smooth quiet operation). SW-300DC can move gates that are up to 20 feet wide and 1,200 lbs. heavy. DC operators are equipped with a control board that offers an array of features that include a programmable relay and leaf delay, slow start/stop algorithm, and solar power capability. The integrated battery backup offers up to two weeks of uninterrupted operation in the event of a power outage. The brushless DC motors are smooth and quiet but are powerful and durable and require zero maintenance. For more information contact us or your local distributor. Architects & Specifier Files: Download Brochure Download Manual Download Blowout Drawings

    Download Brochure Download Manual UL 325 2018 Compliant Max Gate Weight 1,200 lbs. Max Gate Length 20 feet Warranty 7 year residential – 5 year commercial Motor 24 VDC brushless – ½ HP motor Gate Speed Adjustable 17-25 seconds per 90° opening Power Options 115/230 VAC single phase and 24 VDC solar panel Duty Cycle Continuous Battery Back Up Integrated, with (2) 7Ah 12VDC batteries Battery Back Up Capacity Up to 250 cycles Temperature Range -40 to 160° Gearbox Ratio 60:1 Width X Length X Height 12” X 17” X 25.5” Shipping Weight 140 lbs. + 35 lbs. arm Emergency Release Quick release arm Belt Size 4L-370 (AX35) Main Sprocket Size 40A54TX2 with torque limiter Chain Size 40NP Gearbox Sprocket 41B22X7/8 Limit Shaft Sprocket N/A Breaker Requirement 20 amp dedicated Gearbox Pulley 8” with 5/8” bore Motor Pulley 2” with 5/8” bore 1 FRAME ONLY SW-300FM GEARBOX 2 GEARBOX GBX-300 3 GEARBOX PULLEY PLY-8 4 GEAR BOXDRIVE SPROCKET 40B14X78 BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR 5 1/2 HP BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR MTR-1500 6 1/2 HP BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR BRACKET MTR-B1500 7 1/2 HP BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR PULLEY PLY-2 8 1/2 HP BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR BELT 4L-370 (AX35) CONTROL BOX CBX-AY300 9 CONTROL BOX CBX-300 10 CONTROL BOX COVER CBC-300 11 CONTROL BOX DC CONTROL BOARD BLDC-ULPCB 12 CONTROL BOX RADIO RECEIVER STRIP COM-1003 13 CONTROL BOX RESET PUSH BUTTON COM-1004 14 CONTROL BOX ALARM BUZZER COM-1005 15 CONTROL BOX BRIDGE RECTIFIER COM-1006 16 CONTROL BOX LINE-IN WIRE HARNESS COM-1016 LIMIT SWITCH ASSEMBLY