All-O-Matic – SW-300 AC Swing Gate Operator

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    Product Description

    Features a heavy duty torque limiter, huge solid aluminum rust free hub, an easy to install quick release arm and a heavy duty frame. SW-300AC can move gates that are up to 20 feet wide and 800 lbs. heavy. AC operators come with the simplest and most dependable control board in the industry that’s backwards compatible. A powerful and durable motor that has been field tested for over 20 years.

  • Specifications


    UL 325 2018 CompliantMax Gate Weight 800 lbs.

    Max Gate Length 20 feet

    Warranty 7 year residential – 5 year commercial

    Motor ½ HP motor

    Gate Speed 17 seconds per 90° opening

    Power Options 120 VAC

    Duty Cycle Continuous

    Battery Back Up N/A

    Battery Back Up Capacity N/A

    Temperature Range -40 to 160°

    Gearbox Ratio 60:1

    Width X Length X Height 12” X 17” X 25.5”

    Shipping Weight 110 lbs. + 35 lbs. arm

    Emergency Release Quick release arm

    Belt Size 4L-340 (AX32)

    Main Sprocket Size 40A54TX2 with torque limiter

    Chain Size 40NP

    Gearbox Sprocket 41B22X7/8

    Limit Shaft Sprocket N/A

    Breaker Requirement 20 amp dedicated

    Gearbox Pulley 8” with 5/8” bore

    Motor Pulley 2” with 5/8” bore1FRAME ONLYSW-301FM

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