All-O-Matic – OH-200 AC Overhead

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    Product Description

    This is a commercial gate operator for overhead tilt up gates. You will see this operator quietly operating gates for underground parking facilities and apartment/condo buildings. AC operators come with the simplest and most dependable control board in the industry that’s backwards compatible. A powerful and durable motor that has been field tested for over 20 years. For more information contact us or your local distributor. Download Brochure Download Manual Download Blowout Drawings

    Download Brochure Download Manual UL 325 2018 Compliant Max Gate Weight 800 lbs. Max Gate Length 20 feet Warranty 5 year commercial Motor ½ HP motor Gate Speed 20 seconds for full open (6.5’ to 8’ gate) Power Options 120 VAC Duty Cycle Continuous Battery Back Up N/A Battery Back Up Capacity N/A Temperature Range -40 to 160° Gearbox Ratio 30:1 Width X Length X Height 13” X 144” X 8” Shipping Weight 100 lbs. Emergency Release Lockable quick release drive arm and carriage Belt Size 4L-200 (AX18) Main Sprocket Size 41B15X5/8 Chain Size 41NP Gearbox Sprocket 41B15X5/8 Limit Shaft Sprocket N/A Breaker Requirement 20 amp dedicated Gearbox Pulley 2 ½” with ½” bore Motor Pulley 2” with 5/8” bore 1 FRAME ONLY OH-201FM GEARBOX 2 GEARBOX GBX-200 3 GEARBOX PULLEY PLY-25B 4 GEARBOX DRIVE SPROCKET 41B15X58 SINGLE CAP AC MOTOR 5 1/2 HP AC MOTOR MTR-1050 6 1/2 HP AC MOTOR PULLEY PLY-2 7 1/2 HP AC MOTOR WIRE HARNESS MTR-H201 8 1/2 HP AC MOTOR DRIVE BELT 4L-200 (AX18) CONTROL BOX CBX-AY201 11 CONTROL BOX AC CONTROL BOARD ACPCB-UL 12 CONTROL BOX 14 PIN TERMINAL STRIP COM-1002 13 CONTROL BOX ALARM BUZZER COM-1005 14 CONTROL BOX RADIO RECEIVER STRIP COM-1003 15 CONTROL BOX RESET PUSH BUTTON COM-1004 POWER SUPPLY 16 POWER SUPPLY BOX PSB-201 17 POWER SUPPLY COVER PSC-201 18 POWER SUPPLY WIRE HARNESS PSH-201 LIMIT SWITCH ASSEMBLY LSB-AY200 19 LIMIT SWITCH PLASTIC NUT COM-1008 20 LIMIT SWITCH COM-1007 21 LIMIT SWITCH SET PLATE LSP-200 22 LIMIT SWITCH PLATE SPRINGS (2 PCS) SPG-7575