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Access Control Systems

Find the access control system that meets your needs!

BD Garage Door & Gate Supplies carries a large selection of Access Control Systems for you to choose from. We carry telephone entry systems, keypads, key fobs, cellular telephone entry systems, electric door strikes, card readers, intercoms, and more. Access control systems provide you with security and convenience, and our expert sales and tech support staff are here to help you choose the system that is right for your needs.

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Telephone Entry Control Systems

access control systems - doorking telephone entry system

BD Garage Door & Gate Supplies carries a complete inventory of telephone entry products. We have telephone entry solutions to serve single residents or multi-tenant locations. Most systems come with software extensions for your PC to create a sophisticated and modern management system and user interface. We also carry several telephone entry system accessories such as mounts, additional cameras, covers, proximity readers (key FOB remotes), and more.

Residential Telephone Entry Control System

doorking telephone entry system - residential telephone entryResidential telephone entry systems are generally made to control access to a driveway gate, and/or pedestrian/secondary access point. Depending on the model, they function in different ways. The older systems use the phone line of the residence to ring the home phone and allow communication and access with the push of a button. Newer systems connect to cellular devices, ethernet cables, or wifi. Cellular options are convenient because they don’t require running the phone line, and you don’t have to worry about wifi range. However, you will need to pay monthly for the service. We carry several of the best selling products from all the leading brands, shop around on our site to find the best residential telephone entry system to fit your needs.

Multi-Tenant Telephone Entry

multi-tenant-telephone-access-systemThese telephone entry systems are ideal for apartment complexes, company parking lots, parking garages, or any other situation where you need to restrict access, but also give access to multiple individuals, and allow multiple individuals to give others access. These telephone entry systems that we carry are able to store thousands of tenants in directories that are accessible to those trying to gain access to the building/garage / etc. and can dial tenants directly on their cellular devices. Often they also come with several programmable key FOB remotes, tags, or key cards to allow access to tenants without having to enter a code. Look around at our options for multi-tenant systems and find the one that is right for you.

Garage Door & Gate Remotes, Buttons, and Keypads

Garage Door & Gate Remotes, Buttons, and Keypads

Here at BD Garage Door & Gate Supplies, we carry all the major brands of garage door and gate remotes, keypads, and buttons. We also have universal gate and garage door remotes, universal garage door keypads, and universal garage door clickers. If you need a garage door or gate remote replacement, it is usually best to get one that is either a universal remote or one that is from the same manufacturer as your garage door or gate opener.

Programming Your New Garage Door Remote

replace garage door remoteOnce you have found the right garage door remote replacement (either one that matches the manufacturer of your garage door opener, or a universal remote) you will need to program it in order for it to work. All of the garage door and gate remotes that we sell will come with product specific programming instructions, which you should refer to when programming your remote.

If you would like more help with programming your garage door remote, we offer garage door services.

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