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Connect Your Business With The Next Gen of Commercial Door Operators

A commercial sectional or rolling door is an important part of your business. So when it isn’t working propertly, it can be frustrating. Find a new or replacement commercial garage door operator throught BD Garage Door & Gate Repair. We carry automaitc commercial garage door operators that are manufactured to meet the performance needs of most commercial and industrial doors.

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Why Automate Your Commercial Doors?

Theft Prevention

Assures commercial doors cannot be manually opened from the outside by someone trying to gain access to commit a theft, preventing loss of inventory.

Reduce Chances of Injury

Reduces the opportunity for a soft tissue injury to occur when opening or closing a commercial door manually, preventing workplace injury claims, loss of time and potential increased insurance premiums.

Increase Life Expectancy

Increases the life expectancy of the door and reduces service costs associated with ensuring proper operation of commercial doors. Commercial door operators open and close doors in a controlled manner eliminating the potential for doors to raise too quickly or slam when being closed.

Types Of Commercial Door Operators

How to choose between a trolly, jackshaft, or hoist operator.

Modern Technology

Looking for a way to always be in control of your business and your security? Welcome to MyQ® Technology – a service from LiftMaster that allows you, the business owener the ability ot see which of your dock doors are open or closed, completly remotly, from your smart phone or tablet.